Special Services

I offer one-on-one coaching and consulting with clients where we determine the strategic direction and next steps to achieve your goal.  Along the way we inevitably discuss how you are showing up in your business and how to create more freedom of choice in your life.  I help you move through blocks and uncover any blind spots that might be standing in the way of your success. I do most of my consultations on the phone or Skype, but I'm happy to schedule some in-person sessions for a small room fee for those residing in New York City. 

Below are some special services I also offer upon request.  Note that they are included in your standard session price but some may require a double session, or a minimum number of sessions below as specified.

  • One-on-One Coaching - Standard session of 45 min - 1 hour.
  • Five Year Plan - We develop a plan to get you what you ultimately want as you grow your business, and step fulling into being the creator of your life.  Stop chasing after clients or wasting energy on people that don't align with your mission and values. Knowing who you are and aligning that with your purpose will make you unstoppable.  (cost of 3 sessions)
  • Energy Leadership Assessment - Learning to live your life from a higher resonating level (HRL) is key to your success in every area. This service includes an online assessment, your customized report, and the session to go over your results and develop strategies to increase being more of a cause in the world, and less at the effect of it.  We'll measure and discuss your Average Resonating Level (ARL) as well as your over all Energetic Profile and your Energetic Stress Reaction.  This knowledge is truly game changing. (Cost is $397)
  • Whole Messaging - If you have difficulty with confrontation or expressing yourself at times, I will teach you a tool called whole messaging.  You'll learn to communicate more effectively around a particular issue where youfeel blocked with another person.  Whether it's for your business or with a life partner, it really works. (cost of 1 session)
  • Trainings, Workshops and More...


I'm excited you've chosen me as your new coach. A few things to consider:

  • We are participating in a value exchange. I am offering my time and expertise in exchange for money that you have offered your time and expertise to generate.  It's a cycle.
  • That said, to make the most of the time we spend together, consider each week what you want to achieve.  You can look to me as your partner for achieving greatness.  I will challenge you and hold you accountable to what you say you will do.  Because I see you as your greatest potential, I may intrude upon any negative story telling that does not serve you.  Not because I don't care about you.  On the contrary.  It is because we are what we spend our time thinking about, and I want you to experience the best life you can live.
  • Please give 24 hours notice before canceling your appointment.
  • Sessions are generally 45min, but occasionally go over.  Please reserve an hour in your calendar to be safe.
  • Most of my clients prefer the telephone.  I am also available on Skype at JT_coach. For New York city residents I occasionally offer in-person sessions if requested for a small room fee.
  • Lastly, remember to find a comfortable, quiet place before our session so you can be free of distraction.